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Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Homepage!

Um die erste Homepage über mein Leben bekannt zu machen, danke ich für die ersten Leser, die darauf anklicken!!!

Hi, visitor, how do you do ?

My name is Lidong Huang. This is my home page (version 1.0).

I was born in 1974 in Beijing, in the capital of P.R.C.  My star sign is scorpio. Someone said me, one with this sign is a complex type in character :(, very strong in nerve :|   very romantic and full of spirits :) , thanks a lot...

I have an elder sister and a very nice brother-in-law, who live in China; she is 4 years older than me.

In the year 1991, as I was 16 years old, I made a trip with my dear sister to Russia. Perhaps I should regret that my wish about studying in the university of Moskow, could not be realized. Because I was too young and we could not afford the fees for the study at the super university in that "season".

In 1995 I began my wonderful life in Hamburg, Germany, where my parents helped me to make the first step in this country.
I studied the comupter science at university of Kiel about 4 years. I have also learned my second foreigen language at this university (German, that is very difficult!   :(   ) In this sea-port city I learned many things, got known with so many wonderful persons, who told me how should one design his life. As a young man about 20, everytime when I missed my familly in China, or hoped to get a better life, I gone to sea and enjoyed the beautiful nature wonder...

The highlight of my passed life up to now began in April. 1999 in Kiel, after I have changed my room into another building. The circle of good friends expanded there, who helped me to have passed one of the most difficult phases during my studying. After that I got my B.S. and changed my university.

I am studying the computer science in university of Frankfurt in Germany now and busy in writing my master thesis about computer animation.
My job is a  simple one - I am one of the baby-sitter for the computer-room of our fakulty, where I meet so many people everyday.
to be continued...  
  If you want to see my photos, pls. get the link below with your mouse at the word "BILDER"

© Lidong Huang May 1st.2001